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Banking Qatar - banking financial services jobs in Qatar - Careerjet - Jobs in Gulf Countries - Gulf.Joshprakash.Com!
banking financial services jobs in Qatar - Careerjet
jobs - sector: "banking financial services" - Qatar - Careerjet

  • Personal Assistant
    Standard Chartered Bank - UAE - Qatar - and Corporate and Institutional Banking. In UAE, we are one of the leading banks, offering an extensive range of products and services for personal... and private sector to ensure proper correspondence, up keeping CEO relations, as directed. Building and maintaining strong relationships...

  • Management Accountant (Financial Services, Qualified)
    Michael Page - Qatar - Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. In the Middle East we focus on the areas of: Finance & Accounting Banking & Financial Services...Purpose: To prepare detailed, complete and accurate financial forecasts and analysis of financial statements. Responsible to gather...

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