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  • Operations Clerk - Commercial Bank of Kuwait
    - To cater and resolve operational queries received from CBK’s correspondent banks - To provide support to division in operational and compliance aspects of Syndicated deals. - To provide support for the various roles of facility agent in respect of syndicated deals where the bank is acting as a facility agent. - To ensure completeness and accuracy of information pertaining to the Division’s facilities in the Bank’s core banking system - Maintenance and filing of the documents and standard clerical duties. Operational: - Ensuring adherence of Facility Documents with the underlying approval documents. - Preparation of Disbursement/Processing Utilisation Requests against credit facilities granted by the Division. - Calculation and ensuring timely payment of interest/commission and rollover of interest rates and pro-active follow up with borrower/ Facility Agent. - Ensuring completeness and accuracy of information in ICBC pertaining to the Division’s facilities including limits approved for Banks and FIs. Assist in Compliance related activities: - Pro-active follow up with borrower/ Facility Agent for receipt of certificates/ documents forming a part of Conditions precedent in the Facility Documentation within timeframe. - Determination/ensuring arithmetical accuracy of rate of interest, break costs, etc. as per the facility agreement. - Maintaining and monitoring project accounts of the borrower as per the terms of facility. Record Keeping: - Maintain record of disbursement, interest payment, repayments, collections, syndicated transactions etc. - Reconciliation of accounts with lenders and providing confirmation of balances to all parties concerned periodically. Filing: - Maintaining/sorting/ filing records according to filing system and placing the documents correctly in their respective files received from Head of IBD/other team members. - Searching and investigating data contained in files i.e. discarding old financials, information, etc., after consulting with the Head of IBD. - Arranging the files that are no longer needed by IBD to the warehouse. - Delivering documents to banks/lawyers, as and when required by his Supervisors. - Maintaining computer reports. - Performing duties related to personnel correspondence, bank expenses, bills and daily follow-ups etcJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Kuwait Job Role: Banking Company Industry: Banking Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: High school or equivalent

  • Credit Analyst-International Banking - Commercial Bank of Kuwait
    - Preparation of country studies and bank analysis and maintenance and follow-ups on their respective region. - Prepares country studies and bank analysis by collecting reliable information from various sources for management review and decision making process in relation to existing and proposed international relationships and soliciting business to enhance profitability mainly fees and commission. - Contacts agents for an update on the market, latest developments, soliciting transactions, negotiating the pricing and closing the deals with the agents after discussing the same with the direct manager and the Head of IBD who approves the transaction. - Maintains and follow-ups on the region under his/her responsibility. - Spreads the financial statements of banks and financial institutions. Then assesses the financial situation based on the footnotes of the respective financial statements and the ratios and gives appropriate recommendation to the Management. - If required, the Credit Analyst prepares the presentation memo to the Credit Committee “CC” and the Board Loan Committee “BLC”. - The Credit Analyst presents the memo to the Credit Committee. - In case of participating in a primary syndication, the Credit Analyst advises the outcome of the BLC decision to the borrower or the party selling/offering the transaction. - Upon receiving the BLC approval, he or she, reviews loan documentation of transactions in coordination with the Legal Consultant. - Prepares country studies and country updates by compiling and reviewing information appropriate to the preparation of country studies. - Reviews various publications, newspapers and magazines for relevant information. Credit Analyst has to be updated on the latest developments taking place in the countries he/she is monitoring and the effects on the banking sector, if any. - Proper maintenance of credit files assigned to the regional area. - Handles operational and administrative matters i.e. draw-downs, rollovers, interest payments, principal repayments and payment of fees. - Prepares management reports and statistics as per IBD’s requirements. - Liaises with other departments and divisions of CBK i.e. Loans, Treasury, Treasury Operations, Corporate Credit and Legal. - Conducts appropriate credit checking on banks and corporate (if requested by Corporate Credit). - Prepares comparative analysis of banks in the countries under his/her area of responsibility. - Handles independently accounts assigned both with regard to maintaining existing relationships and developing new business. - This is done via his/her direct Supervisor who will guide and coach the Credit Analyst in the steps to be taken. - Assists in the preparation of the annual review of the country and bank limits (Top and Second Tier Banks). - Assists Credit Managers/Officers in their daily work and therefore they will be able to concentrate their efforts on business development and increasing profitability. - Thinking within well-defined policies and procedures under close supervision and guidance.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Banking Company Industry: Banking Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: Kuwait

  • Nursing Divisional Manager ( Bilingual ) - Dar Al-Shifa Hospital
    Purpose and Scope of the Job:Manages, coordinates, and participates in a variety of administrative and/or operational activities related to a specific division or hospital unit within Nursing Services; provides leadership and direction in accordance with the hospital policies and procedures. Prepares and manages budgets, supervise staff and develops policies and procedures consistent with division objectives.1 Oversees the functioning of head nurses, registered nurses and liaises with the nursing educators to direct division's nursing staff in the performance of their duties and adherence to appropriate standards of practice.2 Promotes excellence in-patient care, effective interdisciplinary working relations, and a collaborative planning process that support ongoing development of clinical services at all levels in the division assigned.3 Reviews the performance appraisals conducted by subordinates to ensure appraisals are done as per DASH guidelines, and support them with proper feedback and action plans.4 Follow up on complaints and/or reported incidents regarding nursing care or actions in a timely manner, and makes/recommends changes as deemed required by the results.5 Ensures assigned division compliance with the standards of care as per DASH Policies and Procedures.6 Participates in the revision of assigned division policies, incorporating evidenced-based practices, after verifying the appropriateness of the direction with the Director of Nursing.7 Liaises on choices of PI initiatives with the Director of Nursing and reports progress through the PI department. Leads on specific nursing service improvement opportunities within the division.8 Participates in task forces or committees as appointed by Director of Nursing.9 Develops and/or revise the nursing manpower plan of the assigned division on annual basis to meet service demands.10 Actively participates in the nursing department operational plan, and maintain continuous progress on assigned objectives.11 Assesses and communicates with the director of nursing on assigned division's staff promotions and recruitment decisions.12 Mentors new head nurses and/or newly appointed senior nursing staff in adapting to the DASH operations. 13 Liaises with the professional developmental unit to ensure continuous education is maintained across the assigned division.14 Conducts physical rounds daily on all units and patients of assigned division to ensure the appropriateness of care delivered, safety of working environment, and staff adherence to DASH policies and procedures, 15 Ensures that appropriate levels of resources and supplies are available among the division, conducting periodic checks on ongoing preventive maintenance of equipment to promote safe and cost effective utilization of resources. 16 Performs other tasks and duties within the scope of the knowledge, skills, and experience required for the job, as assigned by the DON.17 Facilitates the co-ordination with the head nurses and nursing education department for ongoing development of nursing personnel within the division.18 Promotes a culture of dignity and respect for patients and their families.19 Ensures that the protection of patients and staff from infection received the highest priority across the assigned division and is continuously maintained by subordinates.20 Takes appropriate and timely disciplinary action within the nursing department using counseling and documentation in accordance with the hospital applicable policies. 21 Serves as the primary channel through which timely communication on issues is transmitted to and from the Director of Nursing.22 Responsible for developing strategies that maximize the retention of nurses and enhancing job satisfaction and career development for nurses across the division.23 Fosters a culture that promotes openness where nurses have the confidence to speak up in support of providing safe and efficient patient care and services. Responsible for maintaining a patient centered care environment.24 Establishes mechanisms to actively promote a culture of staff engagement and taking responsibility to promote shared governance among the division.25 Assumes responsibility for the entire scope of the DON responsibilities in his/her absence whenever assigned.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing Company Industry: Healthcare, Practitioner and Technician Preferred Candidate Career Level: Management Degree: Master's degree

  • Sales Mechanical Engineer
    - Increases segment share by adding new customers-  Understands customers’ needs, by frequent visits and meetings to the customerGenerates the inquiries based on identified customers’ needs- Prepares quotations and promptly sends it to customer- Contacts customers to explain, discuss and negotiate quotations in order to book the order- Reviews contracts as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the quote and acknowledges the order- Forwards the order to the sales coordinator for processing- Ensures invoices and materials are delivered in a timely manner- Follows the payment terms guidelines and payment conditions as instructed by the Finance Department- Sends outstanding receivables statements frequently to ensure timely collection of payments- Ensures meeting assigned financial target (Sales, GM, Booking, and DSO)- Attends weekly and monthly department meetings well preparedJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Mechanical Monthly Salary: US $3,000 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Nationality: Kuwait Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Assistant Accountant (Kuwaiti National) - Al-Yasra Food
    Assistant Accountant is primarily a back office support role which contributes the business at an expert level towards recording and maintaining books of accounts as per company policies and accounting standards to achieve the short to medium term goals.- Should possess excellent accounting expertise- Responsible for timely Debit and Credit Note presentation- Data Analysis for Ageing and Payments- Preparation of Documents related to Banks (Deposit slips, Payments, LCs)- Assist the reporting manager in any other related responsibilitiesJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Accounting and Auditing Company Industry: FMCG Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: Kuwait Degree: Diploma

  • Accountant (Kuwaiti National) - Al-Yasra Food
    Ensure proper organization, recording financial transactions and reconciliation of accounting records on timely basis within monthly accounting cycle.Accountabilities- Organize and arrange incoming accounting documents and records.- Record revenue and expenditure transactions in the books of accounts- Record financial transactions in General ledgers, Sub ledgers and in subsystems.- Reconcile the General ledgers and sub ledgers with Sub systems.- Reconcile Cash and Bank books.- Prepare and reviewing all the petty cash re-imbursement from outlets as well as all other departments- Preparing the payments to suppliers, and verifying the authenticity of the documents.- Maintain proper filing system- Preparatory work including audit schedule for Monthly and Annual accounts closing. - Perform other related duties as requested by Management.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Accounting and Auditing Company Industry: FMCG Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: Kuwait Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Showroom Manager - Al Babtain Group
    Job Purpose: Manage on daily sales operation in showroom to facilitate & enhance sales performance, ensure of handling customers’ inquires in hospitable manners, engage in customer experience raising up and achieving department objectives.1. Assist in setting showroom sales plan, provide recommendations for sales progress.2. Ensure showroom readiness with all facilities, vehicles models setup in standard shape and availability of models’ brochures on daily base.3. Achieve & exceed sales target, define business opportunities, develop action plan to improve.4. Manage price discount rate as company policy to support for profit target achievement.5. Interact with sales staff to support for answering the customers’ questions/inquires and sales deals facilitation process. 6. Keep aware of competitors products & selling procedures in order to make recommendations for product development & to achieve superiority over competitors 7. Monitor marketing campaigns implementation, relevant return on business “Customers’ traffic “and brand awareness as well.8. Participate in external sales activities such as training, conferences, franchisee meetings, prepare all reports related to discuss & communicate with team.9. Maintain welfare work environment, coach and develop sales staff skills, coordinate for development training programs.10. Scan market for new business opportunity and negotiate with corporate customers on bulk parts deals. 11. Make sure of attractive set up of showroom vehicles, Interior and exterior vehicles readiness and cleanliness, availability of brochures and showroom atmosphere. Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-05 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Automotive Preferred Candidate Career Level: Management Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; Djibouti; Algeria; Egypt; Iraq; Jordan; Comoros; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Morocco; Mauritania; Oman; Palestine; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Somalia; Syria; Tunisia; Yemen Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • SPA RECEIPTIONIST - 4 Star Hotel
    A spa receptionist is a person who receives customers to a Spa and attends to their inquiries about services offered in the Spa.The spa receptionist’s job description involves welcoming and greeting clients warmly, and ensuring that they feel comfortable and happy on their visit.The receptionist also has the responsibility to promote the image of his/her organization by ensuring they look good at all times to give customers a positive impression about the Spa.He/she must pay attention to his/her appearance and dress in a moderately attractive manner to sell the image of the company to new and existing clients.He/she will build and maintain good relationship with clients by interacting warmly with them and giving them tips on the best products at the spa to meet their beauty needs.Receptionists working in spas are usually positioned at the front desk from where they coordinate services offered in all departments of the spa.They keep record of business transactions by registering new clients; receive payments from clients for services ordered, and issue invoices.To perform their role effectively, spa receptionists must have vast knowledge of products and services offered by their companies, and must also be able to provide correct answers to questions from clients.They must also be able to inform clients of newly introduced products and services in order to get their patronage.The receptionist also has the role of making sure clients do not leave the spa with a negative feeling by finding out from them how they were treated while at the spa.If there is any issue between a client and spa workers that could make the client to leave the spa unhappy, such problem is resolved before the client leaves. This will ensure a repeat visit from such client.In order to protect the integrity of the spa, the receptionist is to ensure that clients are treated equally by ensuring that they are attended to on a first come, first serve basis.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Beauty and Fashion Company Industry: Hospitality/Tourism/Travel Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Gender: Female

  • Customer Service Representative
    As  a Customer Service Representative, you will implement and perform the standard customer service program in order to achieve customer satisfaction and delight. Handle and resolve customer’s inquiries and complaints. Demonstrate the desired work culture around the company’s code of conduct and ethics.Job description is provided below:- Perform tasks as directed to achieve excellent customer service.- Greet each customer with a warm, friendly smile followed by an appropriate greeting and gathers feedback information that can be useful to improve certain area of concern. - Coordinate with other Departments, suppliers and advertising and public relations agencies to ensure excellent service delivery. - Keep a good communication with all the colleagues such as management and supervisors to ensure smooth and harmonious atmosphere. - Ensure customer satisfaction through personal recognition.- Ensure repeat customers and first time visitors receive recognition and prompt service. - Follow up courtesy calls for customers who experienced issues. - Ensure quality assurance and communicate issues and maintenance gaps to the concerned Department in order to ensure the highest quality assurance is applied. - Prepare customer service requisitions for amenities on a timely basis. - Attend shift briefings on time in order to share valuable feedback and to facilitate communications for smooth operations.- Perform other related duties as and when assigned.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Hawali, Kuwait Job Role: Customer Service and Call Center Company Industry: Real Estate Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Diploma

  • Senior Project Architect for Housing Project (Part Time) -
    An opportunity for Architects to work on Housing  project with owners . The successful candidate will be working in with the owner  responsible for the expansion of a housing projectJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Hawali, Kuwait Job Role: Architecture Company Industry: Engineering; Architecture; Construction/Civil Engineering Monthly Salary: US $2,000 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Management Gender: Male Degree: Master's degree

  • HAIRDRESSER - 4 Star Hotel
    Salon stylists provide a variety of hair care and beauty services. Found primarily in a barbershop, beauty parlor, or full-service salon, stylists may be employed for specialized treatments, regular appointments, or special occasions, such as weddings or graduations. To remain competitive, stylists may expand their repertoire to include other salon services. Salon stylists typically rely on repeat business and regular customers.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Beauty and Fashion Company Industry: Hospitality/Tourism/Travel Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Gender: Female Degree: Diploma

  • Financial Analyst
    The ideal candidate will:Bachelor Degree of finance/Accounting and preferred certified CFA level 2Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Determines cost of operation by researching and capitalizing on establishing standard costs; collecting and analyzing operational data. 2. Identifies financial status by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts. 3. Guides cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures; providing trends and forecasts; explaining processes and techniques; recommending actions. 4. Improves financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending action to management. 5. Reconciles transactions by compiling and correcting data. 6. Maintains data base by entering, verifying and backing up data. 7. Recommends action by analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses; studying proposed changes in methods and materials. 8. Increases productivity by developing automated accounting applications; coordinating information requirements. 9. Protects operation by keeping information confidential. 10. Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing. 11. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as neededJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Finance and Investment Company Industry: Real Estate Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Social Media Marketing Officer
    • Build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification• Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video or HTML) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action• Set up and optimize company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of company’s social content.• Moderate all user-generated content in line with the moderation policy for each community• Create editorial calendars and syndication schedules• Continuously improve by capturing and analyzing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, and then acting on the information• Collaborate with other departments (customer relations, sales etc) to manage reputation, identify key players and coordinate actions• Implement social media strategy for our company in Middle East and North Africa• Build and foster a community of leisure and business travelers• Manage Company’s brand presence in Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social networks• Create engaging and interesting content (posts, videos, promotions, etc.)• Identify social media influencers and engage them • Create and execute innovative social media campaigns • Manage a social media advertising budget• Keep up to date on opportunities in the social media space• Build and maintain relationships with Social Media Network representatives • Produce regular reports detailing the impact of social media initiatives • Assist in market research and competitor analysisJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Marketing and PR Company Industry: Catering/Food Services/Restaurants Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Gender: Female Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Administrator-Sales - Agility
    - Coordinate overall workplace functions, establish workplace procedures, authorize billings/expenditures, maintain records, and oversee equipment maintenance- Consult with managers, executives, and employees to identify problems, develop improvements, create and maintain quality standards- Draft correspondences, reports, documents and/or other written materials and prepare presentations- Coordinate an inventory management system to effectively control and distribute supplies and equipment- Maintain files or record keeping systems; sorts, label, file and retrieve documents, or other materials- Schedule meetingsHandle other administrative tasks as required by management/team - Minimum 1 year experience in administrative support- Bachelor DegreeJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Kuwait Job Role: Administration Company Industry: Administration Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Gender: Female

  • Supervisor-MEP - Alghanim International
    Wr are looking for MEP Supervisor for a Oil & Gas Sector. The job will involve managing a team of Facilities Management technical staff for various projects.Description of the Role- Manage and supervise the daily activities of the technical team. - Ensures optimal usage of manpower and resources.- Oversees and carries out maintenance and repair of equipment.- Responds to all reactive maintenance within the specified service level agreements and operational policies.- Ensures that Planned Preventative Maintenance tasks are carried out in accordance with the schedule, frequency and task lists and provides reports on any works required thereafter.- Responds in a prompt and efficient manner to all reactive issues and help desk requests.- Carries out site inspection on a random basis to monitor the benchmark of work and schedule.- Coordinates with other teams and ensures satisfactory completion of work.- Submits weekly accurate timesheets for the operational staff.- Carries out routine inspections for the jobs accomplished by Technicians and Service Partners.- Ensures that both the quality and the quantity of the jobs are in line with Service Level Agreements/KPIs.- Promotes a safe work environment and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.- Receives and complete work orders to include; records concerning time, labour and materials for each task.- Responds to emergency situations during and after hours for to resolve the emergency requirements.- Requires flexibility and understanding that all maintenance staff may be required to perform duties outside their normal area of expertise to meet the mission and goals of the Facility Services Department.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Construction and Building Company Industry: Oil/Gas Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career

  • HVAC Technician
    1. Performs onsite duties as per daily job sheet that is provided by direct supervisor.2. Manages onsite problems; attends customer complaints and report back to direct supervisor.3. Escalates problems, if unable to resolve, to direct supervisor.4. Assists Senior Technicians on start-up jobs as required.5. Drives to customer location to perform daily duties.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Maintenance, Repair, and Technician Company Industry: Technical/Maintenance; Mechanical Monthly Salary: US $1,500 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Gender: Male Degree: Diploma

  • Document Controller - Alghanim International
    To maintain and control the documentation of all approved documents and drawings and files for the Unit.JOB OBJECTIVES1. To ensure that controlled copies of latest approved documents and drawings are distributed to the appropriate staff, subcontractors and suppliers as applicable.2. To maintain updated records of all approved documents and drawings and their distribution clearly marked in a document/drawing register as per the Company procedure.3. To maintain the documents and drawings in the Document Control office under safe custody without any damage or deterioration with easy traceability.4. To maintain the files and control logs as required by the project. Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Ahmadi, Kuwait Job Role: Administration Company Industry: Oil/Gas Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Parts Manager/Assistant parts manager- Automotive - Career Hunters
    Contribute to achieve annual parts sales and profitability objectives.Identify new market opportunities for part business expansions and develop parts sales business.   Conduct regular market visits covering all to improve field sales coverage and market intelligence.   Attend to customer needs complaints, resolve related issues for continued improvement ofservices and customer satisfaction.       Manage updating and monitoring customer profile and data base, perform integrated sales analysis periodicallyMonitor sales team performance on regular basis, develop, coach, motivate, recognize and assist them to achieve set targets and objectives related to key performance indicators.   Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Management Company Industry: Automotive Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; India; Kuwait; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Oriental sweets maker (Turkish and Arabic sweets) - Morrano Sweets
    - For big sweets and pastry company (Morrano sweets and pastry has more than 15 years in the market. Morrano Has main factory and many shops)- Knowing how to make Turkish sweets like Baklava, konafa, and other Turkish sweets. Also, some experience in Arabic traditional sweets is a plus.- minimum experience 5 years- Male only.- age : maximum 40 years old- Any nationality- Flexible hours- Accommodation- Transportation Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-04 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Hospitality and Tourism Company Industry: Catering/Food Services/Restaurants Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Gender: Male Degree: Diploma

  • Store Operations Manager - Career Hunters
    Responsible to build and manage the various teams that engage customers in this dynamic environment. In this role, he leads the people that help customers achieve ownership, learn new skills, get technical support, and find business solutions. Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Retail/Wholesale Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Architecture Intern - Prime Design Studio
    Architecture intern to aid lead and junior architects in aesthetic, working drawings, architectural drawings, presentationsJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Hawali, Kuwait Job Role: Architecture Company Industry: Architecture Monthly Salary: US $500 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Student/Internship Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • HSE Engineer
    Job Summary • Effective implementation of integrated Health, Safety, Environmental policies and procedures, providing HSE support to various Divisions / Projects, monitor and ensure that all safe work practices & controls are compiled to reduce the risks. Duties and Essential Job Functions • Conduct general risk assessments and other safety assessments to support Health, Safety and Environmental Management • Conduct HSE awareness across the organization based on the established HSE Procedures and enforce the safe work practices to promote incident prevention. • Conduct HSE inspections at sites • Collect and compile HSE data and generate reports as required • Develop Project Specific HSE Procedures and HSE Plan in compliance with company policies & Procedures as well as Client requirements • Participate in detailed incident investigations • Conduct root cause analysis and implement corrective action • Comply with the applicable laws and HSSE regulations • Work with employees to achieve cultural change • Monitor the performance of the HSE system and propose modifications • Conduct HSE audits periodically, report the findings and take corrective action • Carry out other occasional duties related to the scope of the job as requested. Accountability • Promotion of HSE culture • Incidents reduction • HSE statisticsJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Engineering Company Industry: Engineering Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Logistics officer
    Job Summary • To ensure sufficient supply & strategic placement of stocks in the market while maintaining optimum inventory level and achieving high customer service level. Responsible for developing & implementing the Demand planning/Forecasting processes & drive the alignment of network supply chain operations with business needs. Duties and Essential Job Functions • Work and Plan for daily delivery with the transporter / customers, Sales, Warehouse team, to ensure customer requirements are met in timely and safely manner. • Prepare Export Delivery documents for transporter, Custom broker, and Shipping line. • Strong Supplier correspondence. • Consignment tracking and coordination with logistic company of out source supplier. • Dealing with day to day supplier issues. • Control Export distribution costs within the budget without any impacts on the operational efficiency. • Maintain new supplier profile and data. • Collect and check the correctness of all invoices for vendor payment. • Publish reports for closing the book at the month end, analyze and manage reporting. • Manage the delivery in order to comply with road transport and sea transport regulations. • Continually identify and implement the improvements to increase safety, customer satisfaction, and job satisfaction and achieve company goals. • Responsible for Safety & Quality of the function/ Task performed. • Carrying out other occasional duties related to the scope of the job as requested. Key Performance Indicators • Ethically follow trade compliance. • Efficient working relations within the department and company for smooth functioning of the department business. • Continuous learning / updating on material management and agreements on material management. • Minimizing NCR and compliance with internal and external audits.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Logistics and Transportation Company Industry: Engineering Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Buyer / Category Manager (Home Furniture) - Abyat
    The Buyer/ Category Manager assists Territory Managers (TMs) with the sales of Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) products by providing vendor costs, freight charges, lead time and contingencies that may impact returns. The Buyer negotiates vendor costs and lead times, return policies and payment and rebate procedures as well as releases orders to vendors, expedite orders and insures vendors meet shipping times, quality standards and quoted costs. Responsibilities: • Effectively manage the drop ship purchasing process to insure the supplier is priced competitively, meets negotiated lead times, insures quality standards and correct invoicing, and provides competitive freight costs for all Territory Manager orders approved and released by Buyer. • Follow up on pricing, freight terms, lead times, availability and status of open orders. • Coordinate product specifications and artwork (if applicable) between Company and vendors. • Manage ongoing relationship with suppliers and communicate vendor pricing, lead times, new product releases, discontinued items, new hotel brand standards that impact the supplier and all other negotiated processes and procedures that support the TM’s ability to successfully sell suppliers’ products. • Work with supplier, internal Accounting Department and sales and sales management to resolve issues on freight damages, requests for returns, and accounts payable discrepancies, as required for customer satisfaction. • Expedite purchases orders to insure vendor receipt and delivery is within requested lead times. • Set up and update item numbers in PeopleSoft to insure descriptions, costs and lead times are up to date and accurate. • Create sales tools and provide training information to support TM sales via telephone, email, GSI-net and onsite training.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Purchasing and Procurement Company Industry: Retail/Wholesale Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Service Engineer (Electrical & Mechanical) - Rapid Access
    MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB:Reporting into the Service Manager, the Service Engineer (Electrical) will be part of the wider Engineering Service team that is responsible for attending breakdowns (JLG & Genie Machines) and carrying out fault-finding, diagnostics, servicing and repairs to a variety of electric powered access machines. Planned preventative Maintenance (PPMs) will also be a part of the daily duties.As well as being stationed at your assigned depot workshop, the Service Engineer (Electrical) may be required to work outside of normal office hours or travel outside of assigned depot city for the occasional project at our other depot locations in the GCC.KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:Planned MaintenanceCarry out routine and preventative planned maintenance (PPM) at the depot or at the customer sitesEnsure that there are no deficiencies or defect likely to affect the safe working of a machineMaintain the appearance of the fleet to Company standardInspectionEnsure pre-delivery inspections (PDI) of each machine is carried out at depot or at customer sites as per company and manufacturers specificationsLiaise with Hire Desk team to ensure that all required machines are checked prior to despatch in accordance with Company policy and proceduresProduce monthly plant inspection reports to ensure that all machines are inspected in accordance with company policyRepairDiagnose fault and inform the customer of the approximate repair times and rectify any faultsEnsure repair of machines at depot or on site conforms with manufacturers specification and Company policyQuality, Health and SafetyHandover machines  to customers and familiarise customers with safe machine operation in accordance with company proceduresJob Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Ahmadi, Kuwait Job Role: Maintenance, Repair, and Technician Company Industry: Construction Monthly Salary: US $1,500 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Gender: Male

  • Relationships Officer - Kuwait Finance House
    To provide assistance in building and maintaining relationships with the bank’s customers in Kuwait, through selling and cross-selling products and services, as well as providing solutions based on client needs with the objective of achieving sales targets, while ensuring that credit quality is maintained.Increase KFH Market share and profitability by:- Service and Manage KFH Client- Identify and attract new potential clientsExceed customers’ expectations and meet their needs.Identify, Sell and cross sell appropriate KFH Products and servicesAssist new Relationship Officers.Assist the direct manager.- Provide the RMs with the necessary support in managing their portfolio and follow up to ensure the timely delivery of service.     Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Banking Company Industry: Banking Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Nationality: Kuwait Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Safety Engineer/Supervisor - SOS HR Solutions
    - Review plans and specifications for new machinery and equipment to make sure they meet safety requirements- Identify and correct potential hazards by inspecting facilities, machinery, and safety equipment.- Evaluate the effectiveness of various industrial control mechanisms.- Ensure that a building or product complies with health and safety regulations, especially after an inspection that required changes- Install safety devices on machinery or direct the installation of these devices- Review employee safety programs and recommend improvements- Maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes- Must have one or more internationally recognized HSE course Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Engineering Company Industry: Engineering Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Gender: Male Degree: Diploma

  • Accountant - Talabat GTC
    • Process Accounts Payable transactions to include entering invoices and verify proper authorization and supporting documents.• Ensure month-end closing to include reconciling accounts payable trial balance of in order to ensure correctness and accuracy.• Oversee consolidation of monthly / financial year closing and assist the financial control manager in the preparation of annual report using IFRS standards.• Prepare and review all accounts payable financial reports and data in a timely and accurate manner.• Maintain the billing system by preparing bills & invoices, specifying the terms & conditions for the payment, payment due date, amount, method of payment and balance due.• Manage the cash and chaque payment details for bank deposit.• Reconcile the accounts receivables to ensure that all payments are accounted properly on weekly, Monthly and yearly basis.• Generate financial statements and reports detailing paid and unpaid invoices, bank deposit records, Reports of active accounts, Age analysis, Status of the accounts and collection on weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually using IFRS Standards.• Maintain general ledger accounts and prepare journal entries for accruals and variances.• Perform month-end account closing activities and reconciliations.• Ensure transactions posted to GL comply with IFRS standards.• Trial Balance report on Monthly basis. Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-03 Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait Job Role: Accounting and Auditing Company Industry: Internet/E-commerce Monthly Salary: US $2,000 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

  • Key Account Manager B2B - Quest Search & Selection
    Quest Search & Selection is working with a top consumer business and they are looking for a Key Account Manager to join their dynamic B2B team in Kuwait. The successful applicant will be responsible in increasing product sales and overseeing the company's relationship with its existing and new clients. Responsibilities: - Developing new business strategies and implementing promotional sales programs with partner distributors and operators- Generating and achieving sales revenue in the B2B channel- Manage and develop enterprise relationships with distributors and operations- Identification and analysis of upcoming needs and opportunitiesWe request that candidates send their CV as a Microsoft Word document where possible.Quest Search and Selection is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-02 Job Location: Kuwait Job Role: Sales Company Industry: FMCG Preferred Candidate Career Level: Management

  • Chief Dealer - FX & MM - Huxley Banking & Financial Services
    One of the prominent banks in Kuwait is looking for an AGM - Chief Dealer, FX & MM to join their team.Title: AGM, Chief Dealer, FX & MMLocation: Kuwait Reporting to: GM, Treasury & InvestmentResponsibilities: Responsible for the Bank's liquidity requirements. Responsible for the Assets and Liabilities of the Bank. Reducing Cost of Funds. Monitor all types of statutory ratios set by Central Bank. Supervise staff on the Money Market & FX desks. Prepare annual budget for MM & FX desks.Responsible of spot, forward and swap Foreign Exchange positions. Qualifications: Bachelor Degree in Business Management or Accounting preferred. At least 10 years dealing experience in interest rate cash and futures markets. At least 1 year as Deputy Chief Dealer / 3 years as Senior Dealer Knowledge of treasury products. Candidates with large local or international banks in the GCC would be preferred. Must be an Arabic speaker.If you meet the above criteria, and are at a level in your career where a move to join a bank in Kuwait makes sense then please reply to this with your latest resume. Sthree UAE is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.Job Details Date Posted: 2017-10-02 Job Location: Kuwait Job Role: Accounting and Auditing Company Industry: Banking Preferred Candidate Career Level: Executive/Director

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